Too Much Information – There’s an App for That!

Some call it “pushing information to Internet users.”  In an age of data overload, social networks and information providers are competing to provide just the highlights you want when you want them.  News outlets send alerts with breaking news.  Twitter curators top tweets, and weather apps warn you of rain minutes before the droplets arrive.  No more surprises!  Not that there is anything wrong with that, unless you like to be surprised once in a awhile.

One such app, Notify from Facebook, proudly offers custom alerts from 70 sites to Phone screens.  You can build a notification experience that works for you!  No more bothersome news bulletins about  terrorism and ISIS if you don’t want them.  As the App advertises, “it is the most intimate way for you  and the  information you’re interested in to connect.”  What a convenience and a luxury!

Please believe that I am not opposed to the expediency and personalization (independence?) that the Internet brings us in learning about events around the world.  But at he same time, it seems that it can also insulate us in only those “worlds” of interest to us, if we let it.

Ray Myers

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