Technology Brings Car Service and More to You!

Don’t worry about scheduling automobile service appointments with your dealer, and finding an available time and date to bring your car in.   Now a certified mechanic will come to your car wherever it is, knowing all the scheduled service needs.  And even before the servicing begins, you will receive a quoted price that can typically save the customer up to 50% or the standard servicing costs at a dealership.  When the customer agrees to the estimate, the necessary parts are ordered and a mechanics is dispatched to provide the service wherever your car may be.

Once again, this is all made possible through the interactivity of websites and mobile apps that are now available to automobile owners and their dealers.  Interestingly, when you enter into this type of service-client relationship, other aspects of this relationship may also vary.  Let’s take the service rating practices.

One company in particular has instituted a rating practice that involves both the mechanics and their customers.  Customers can rate the mechanics, and the mechanics can rate the customers?  Are we really sure that we want to know what mechanics think of us?

Ray Myers

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