Weather apps?  The new weather forecasters!

I think windows work pretty well.  Or even better, opening the door and going outside to get the morning paper does too.   And when you open the paper (or look at the forecast in the corner of the front page in some cities), you can read what is being predicted for that day and several days ahead.  So many other resources are also available that you can easily access in the privacy of your own home: TV, radio, telephone, etc., to name a few.

As I try to better understand the excitement around the creation of the weather app, I now realize that I have not understood the obviois commercial value of combining advertising around access to a fast and convenient app telling you about the weather.  The Weather Channel app contains a list of advertisers that include L.L. Bean, Starbucks, and State Farm Insurance, and other “weather-oriented” sponsors.  What better place to advertise than where people will check for how they can better prepare for the weather that day.

Perhaps you have heard the old adage: Every body talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it!”  Well, in the case of weather app advertising, I don’t think you can say that anymore?

Ray Myers


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