Technology for Seniors – Silver Tech

Now where did I leave my emergency pendant?  For the uninitiated (younger) readers of this blog, this pendant is an emergency response device usually worn within easy reach of a senior so that they can send an emergency signal when they are in distress (typically because of a fall, or general call for help).  Unfortunately, many seniors fail to wear them daily, or remove them at night when sleeping and can not locate them when needed.  Could it be that in this case, technology isn’t always the best solution to a problem?

Perhaps the real issue here is not about the technology, but an inherent “generational gap” that exists between tech developers and end users.   Many have observed that a lot of start-ups are run by 25-year-0lds who don’t know much about being 85 or being a caregiver.  Another suggestion is that we need a Consumer Reports for Silver Tech.   One of the best resources currently available is “A Family Caregiver’s Guide to Electronic Organizers, Monitors, Sensors, and Apps.”

It already seems that the most appropriate silver tech is the one that works best in the living arrangement that the individual senior chooses.  There is probably no better substitute for discussing potential tech purchases with the intended user at any age.

Ray Myers


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