Apps versus Web and Online Publishing

I still enjoy reading the newspapers and magazines the old-fashioned way – paper in hand, coffee or other beverage sometimes, by my side.  Now there are so many other ways to keep informed about whatever is of interest, and finding out whatever else may be of interest, that your choices have become virtually unlimited.  And the media you choose in order to stay informed may truly be the “message.”  

Are you an “apps” or web person?  Digital publishers are now engrossed in making marketing decisions that will increase their readerships and revenues.  The mobile website seems to be prevailing in terms of focusing their publication efforts on being the most effective investment of time and resources.  As some experts note, it’s become increasingly difficult for anybody trying to do something independently on their own.  Unfortunately, the quest for getting people addicted to their business model (i.e., Google, Apple), may outweigh their support for the endeavors of creative working people.  

So I don’t think this is the way things were supposed to be.  Truly, what a tangled web we have weaved.  We still may think that we are the masters of our “Internet destinies,” but you still may have more control when you go to the library (I mean the one with books, magazines, and newspapers in a building).

Ray Myers


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