Talking #Barbie – Interactive and Wi-Fi Connected!

This is not your mother’s or grandmother’s Barbie.  I guess it was just inevitable in the digital age.  After all, making toys and dolls is just like any other business.  Kids want toys that do things, so let’s give them what they want, and they can chat away for hours with their little #Barbie friends and other “interactive” pals.  Sounds like you can “program” your conversations with your dolls, and I would say that these discussions may become ones where the “programmer” can always know what the outcome will be.  And please also know that there are many apps available for this type of digital play.

What a concept you may say.  No more arguments with siblings and neighborhood playmates, just click and play.  Don’t worry, there is also something for the boys that will allow them to be connected and interactive, #HotWheels.  So many more options for cyber-play whenever and with whomever you like.  Talk about living in the 21st Century.  No more “child’s play.”

Don’t get me wrong.  Technology can create so many more options for all children to learn and play.  So many more ways to make a child’s world more inclusive of friendships not limited by time and space, or physical abilities.  But let’s not forget that sometimes their best friends might just be where they are.

Ray Myers



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