Connecting Your Home – A Cautionary Tale

In this day and age, why not be connected to all the devices in your house through your handy smartphone?  It may be easier said than done as one enterprising tech savy author discovered when he made this a do-it-yourself home project.  Let’s just say that after all of his arduous efforts, that took quite a bit more time than expected, his wireless router broke!

Upon reflection, he concluded that some of the gadgets he was trying to install were “solutions looking for a problem.”  Perhaps the most telling example of the frustration he felt was his security system with “night vision” that would send a security alert anytime a fly came within a few feet, which happened 5 to 10 times a night.  He generalizes that while some gadgets were hard to set up, others take the simplest tasks and made them more difficult.

After this experience, he looks forward to writing a follow-up piece that will describe what happens when you have an expert connect your home to the “Internet of Things.”

Ray Myers


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