Playboy Goes Tech; Bradshaw Breaks Male Code

I think this will be my first post combining a couple of favorite male topics, female nudity and pro football, the former more related to technology than the later, but both related to challenging the status quo.  Some explanation is needed, so let’s start with Playboy which is a more tech-related story but maybe be more disappointing to our male readers.  As some may already know, Playboy dispensed with nudity on its website in August of last year with no appreciable loss in readership.  Actually, they attracted more younger readers, average age dropping from 47 to just over 30, and web traffic jumped to about 16 million from about four million unique users per month.  Now the print magazine will also adopt a more “sex-positive” approach (less Playmate, more investigative journalism?).

Now on to Terry Bradshaw, not so much about technology, but about speaking truth to power in recognizing the need to change the culture of spousal abuse in pro football.  I know that there has been NFL sanctioned testimony from some of their star athletes about how this must stop, but Terry Bradshaw goes further.  One retired pro football legend speaking out against one current NFL star “mano a mano,” and taking on the team’s (Cowboys) owner in the process. 

So if Playboy’s transition from nudity in order to attract younger readers represents a “market change,” maybe the NFL should take note and follow Terry Bradshaw’s lead.  Real men don’t beat their wives or any woman!

Ray Myers


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