Love Online – Modern Romance Part Two

People don’t lie online and online dating is not dangerous.  Well, not exactly, at least in terms of the lying part.  Seems that both men and women like to add a couple inches to their height.  I can relate to that in some ways since it seems that I have lost an inch or more as I get older.  My wife does remind me to stand up straighter so that I can regain that youthful posture, and not look like I’m seventy something.

Now I have read that online dating is not dangerous when compared with meeting people at bars or parties.  Since online dating allows people to browse possible partners from their own homes, it is clearly more efficient and less “random” than meeting someone at a bar or party.  At the same time, it seems that most single “twenty somethings” are now doing more socializing at local bars or Starbucks than going to parties hosted by friends or neighbors (see my blog of 9/21, Party Like Your Parents Did or Not?).  Online just seems to be a safer, and more “controlled”, place.

So whatever your dating preferences may be, it seems that first impressions and appearances still do matter.  When one of the leading online dating sites temporarily turned off personal pictures of their users (blind dating app), most their online searchers were not happy.  In the words of one of their executives, “so we turned the photos back on, giving people the dating experience they wanted: superficial, skin-deep and probably worse.”

Ray Myers


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