Love Online – Modern Romance Part One

This will be a two-part blog since the subject is so intriguing (at least for an old guy like me), and there are so many ways of interpreting what it all means in terms of “love and marriage.”  In all fairness, we are just talking about online dating, but we all know what usually happens when someone finds the “one” however that might happen.  It seems that online dating may just be a flirtation itself, but it really does offer some “search” options that were not available before Al Gore discovered the Internet (maybe it was somebody else?)

Some researchers have gained the title of being “experts” in this area, and I certainly do not claim to be one.  But for purpose of today’s posting and the one that will follow on Friday, I am going to take their word for it.  Here are today’s three “findings:” (1)  very few men over 30 actually reach out to 20 year old women; (2) online dating has made it easier for those seeking long term commitments to find each other; and (3) a person’s attractiveness had no correlation with how well the date went.  Okay, here are my very unscientific, impulsive reactions to these findings in numerical order: (1) really?; (2) really?; and (3) really?

Well, I still have a couple more findings to ponder before I post anything on Friday, so please give me a couple more days to think about this.  Maybe by then I will have developed a deeper appreciation of why “40 million Americans are looking for love on the web.”  And they all can thank Al Gore (I think?).

Ray Myers



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