Be Careful What You Buy, Facebook and Google are Watching

I guess it had to happen.  One of the reasons I like to watch PBS is the absence of commercials on shows I like to watch.  Well, almost the absence.  Somehow they do seem to manage some recognition of major donors.   I really shouldn’t complain too much, but now you should be aware that Google and Facebook have devised a couple schemes that will allow advertisers to “reach out” by using your email addresses and combining ad campaigns on TV with online advertising.

Customer Match will be partnering with Google, providing their customers’ email addresses so that they can show specific ads whenever one of their customers signs into Google.  So now when you “Google it” you will be getting more than just what you were looking for.  As a bonus, you may also be getting all the advertising you ever wanted, or maybe never wanted?  To be fair, this is just not all about Google.  Don’t forget Facebook.  They will be launching ad campaigns “across television and Facebook” just to make sure they get your attention.  

This may all sound like advertising overkill, but let’s not blame the poor advertisers.  They are only trying to reach out to a generation of multi-taskers.  According to Neilson researchers, 88% of tablet owners and 86% of smartphone owners use these devices while watching TV.

Ray Myers

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