Tech to Trap Terrorists Taps Beauty Market

I hope you like the alliteration in this title, but I couldn’t resist.  Originally created to read the lips of suspected terrorists, this technology has now found a home in the cosmetic industry.   “Modiface” was launched in 2007 and has since flourished into an online phenomenon used by fifty-two beauty brands world-wide.  Most cosmetic companies are now using Modiface technology in their apps that customers can easily access on their mobile devices. 

From geeky professor to beauty expert is how Modiface’s founder, Parham Aarabi, describes his experience.  Perhaps this is just another example of some of the unintended consequences that technology can create.  Modiface was hit-or-miss at reading lips, but it is a hit with customers who want to virtually “try on” makeup.

Now I will not personally be using this app to improve my appearance, and please do not consider this posting a personal endorsement of this product.   But I do think that it illustrates how technology’s potential and how we apply it to our daily lives should never be underestimated.

Ray Myers


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