A Matter of Degrees and Technical Skills

Would you like to get a nanodegree? It may just be the one degree that will land you the job that all your other academic diplomas have not prepared you for. The nanodegree could provide you with the additional skills needed in meeting the work demands in an increasingly digitized economy. In almost every growing business venture today, employers are looking for certain prized technical skills that will complement their core business activities. In addition to learning to use hypertext coding for the web, other skills might include data analysis, web development and mobile programming.

Perhaps what is now described as a nanodegree in technical skill areas will someday become part of everyone’s formal education in the same sense that we need to acquire proficient written and spoken language skills in order to learn over a lifetime. In reality, we are probably seeing the completion of a university education as a “terminal degree.” In order to keep pace with the rapid changes around is, our educational endeavors will have to continue throughout life.

What choice do we really have? Our access to information is ubiquitous in our digitally connected world. What will happen to higher education as we know it, or what will be our standards for measuring the acquisition of knowledge over our lifetimes?

Ray Myers