Action Sports Anytime Anywhere Online

No more gathering around the old console TV (or flat screen today). It was getting crowded anyway on that family room sofa on Sunday afternoons. Now you can take that online sports action with you and watch it anywhere, anytime on your mobile device in the palm of your hand. This may not be everybody’s preferred method of viewing TV sports, but if you like to watch surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding (and even upload your own videos), this may be a new way to get off that family room sofa and join the fun.

Just don’t get rid of that TV set quite yet. According to a leading digital-market research firm, Americans still spend about four hours a day watching television. Looking at their mobile devices now consumes approximately three hours a day. Let’s see, seven hours plus eight hours at work takes up fifteen waking hours, leaving nine hours to do anything else you like. Maybe get some sleep, or something to eat at some point?

Perhaps I should be doing more multi-tasking, but I think my brain (and body) are still in the last century mode (remember the 20th?). You’re never too old, maybe?

Ray Myers