What’s in Your School Bag?

Probably more than parents had to buy in the past. And it seems to be the same case in both the public and private school sectors. Parents can now also search on the web for online services that help them get all the supplies their children may need for that first day of school. Of course, traditional school supply retailers and mega-stores also realize that parents are doing more in providing needed school supplies and are now marketing school supplies’ packages that are competitive in pricing.

Some private schools may include school supplies in their tuition pricing, including individual iPad access for all of their students. Public schools in more affluent communities may also be able to provide educational technology tools for their students, but there clearly seems to remain an economic and digital divide across our schools.

Thirty-one percent of school districts in New York have less state aid than they did in the 2009-10 school year. I think that this shrinking support also reflects a disastrous disregard for the economic needs and challenges facing the middle class in this country. These students need more support in preparing for their futures, not less!

Ray Myers


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