This is Your Brain on Google – Part Three

Just a few more thoughts about Google’s effect on your brain, and maybe something to think about over the Labor Day holiday.  I can remember the old expression, “he doesn’t have a brain in his head.”   Perhaps you never heard it?  Maybe I did because people were talking about me?  In any case, you really shouldn’t worry about it too much because in the future some experts are predicting that our memories will be going from our heads to the web!  And technology will improve to the point of doing many routine and complicated human tasks.

Two examples are “driverless cars” and “surgical robots.”  Does this make you feel safer on America’s highways and hospitals’ operating rooms?  I just think it will be very unnerving to see empty cars driving past me on the road, especially the high speed lanes, if I am the only “person-driven” vehicle.  And I would hate to be on the operating table and wake up to see a robot telling me the operation was a success, but there at no guarantees!

Maybe all these concerns are really an overreaction on my part.  Or just something on my mind, or in my brain that will soon be going to the web?

Ray Myers

Happy Labor Day Weekend.  I will be taking off too, blogging again on Wednesday next week.


2 thoughts on “This is Your Brain on Google – Part Three

  1. I have posted a few times on the issue of technofear and Robotics. There was another report on SkyNewsUK today about an operating robot. The thought is slightly scary but for the moment the Robots are operated by a real surgeon still.

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