This is Your Brain on Google – Part Two

It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Just as you may have seen how people fill their plates multiple times and still leave room for dessert, the Internet makes it possible for anyone to fill their brain with anything they want. For buffet goers, what they choose to eat and what they need nutritionally, however, may not be the same thing. Similarly, advertisers on the web have also figured out how to give us a steady diet of only what we want to see, and hopefully buy!

It also seems that we may be “over-socializing” on the web to the detriment of developing our own “real” inter-personal skills. But there is still hope. Remove access to the digital communication tools for several weeks, and researchers have found that social, emotional, and intelligence skills will improve. Sounds a little like going through withdrawal from an addictive habit.

The good news is that our brains can be retrained. Nothing is forever. What a wonderful gift this is, but it is still very much a choice for us.

Ray Myers


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