This is Your Brain on Google – Part One

Have you been gorging on information?   Well please don’t feel too bad because you are not the only one.  Reseachers are now just beginning to study what the Internet may actually be doing to our brains, and Google seems to be the most likely subject.  Doesn’t everybody google?

There is a lot of think about here, at least for my brain, so I am going to blog about it this week in “smaller” pieces that might work for me.  Today let’s  begin with the fact that the brain is a muscle.  The more we search on Google, for example, the stronger it becomes.  But it seems that the better (i.e., faster) we become at searching, the more likely we are to overestimate our intelligence.  At the same time, we also seem more likely to skim what we read.  Faster but not better?

I now see more Trivia games and challenges online.  Perhaps an example of a game where we feel that we can test or improve our memory (intelligence?) as many times as we want everyday?  Ironically, early research tells us that we are more likely to remember where we found desired information, but not the actual details it contained.

Ray Myers


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