My Wild and Crazy Online Senior Summer Vacation

What better way to prepare for college life than spending all that spare time taking MOOCs online or working at a chess camp. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but don’t you think that these kids might be missing something, or enjoy doing something else? I guess some recent high school graduates just can’t wait to dig into real time higher education academia. But are taking courses online what higher education is all about?

Well okay, these courses are really just meant to be resume builders, whether you actually complete them or not! They surely fill up those resume pages, and who knows who might be impressed or curious? I remember when I had a summer job packing college textbooks for the Collier-MacMillan Publishing Company, I simply thought of it as making some summer spending money and possibly saving some cash for the school year ahead. And just to think, I could have included it in my college resume under “Advanced College Preparatory Reading,” or “Getting to Know the Names of Every College Bookstore in the Country.”

Please excuse me of I’m getting a little nostalgic here. I was just a “packer” in a book publisher’s warehouse. We were the male brawn of the shipping operation, while the ladies and coeds (summer) were the more cerebral “pickers” of the correct books for the college bookstore customers. Life was much simpler then.

Ray Myers


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