Too Much Internet?

While we have all benefited from the technological innovations that are becoming increasingly available to many more individuals around the world, there are skeptics who warn us that there are also huge risks that tend to be minimized.  Simply put, the more activities we put on the Internet, the more vulnerable we become to hacking, cyber warfare, and software glitches and the like.  The Economist magazine recently reported that the number of connected devices could grew from 15 billion now to 50 billion in 2020.

The chief threats are from cyberterrorists and other nations; they seek to weaken our defenses and sow confusion and disorder.  Ironically, the more we are able to enhance the interoperability among data systems, the more we are perhaps increasing the opportunities for hackers to get get access to multiple systems after they have successfully penetrated one.

Apparently we have now entered a phase of technological innovation where we will be playing more defense than offense.  More concerned with protecting the advances and improvements that technology brings, and less with expansion that may also make us more vulnerable to negative consequences.  One writer asserts that the charms and conveniences of the Internet have seduced us into ignoring these threats.

Ray Myers


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