Looking for a Gig – Not a Career?

Well if the title of this post sounds appealing to you, just remember that technology has made it all possible.  Just think, more of your “workplace experience” as similar to playing a game online like  “Words with Friends,” getting nudges and cheers as you struggle to complete the puzzle with a cooperative competitor somewhere else in the wired world.  But then again it really may not be all that much fun?

One employee is now suing her employer who was tracking her whereabouts twenty-four hours a day.  She deleted the app that she was required to download for that purpose.  Her attorney is now accusing her employer of an invasion of privacy.   Many companies maintain that the work force technology relies more  on engagement than enforcement and increases transparency and fairness.  How the workplace has changed!

It just seems that we are increasingly joining our work place and personal lives into one.  And it also appears that twenty-first century employees are changing their jobs (careers?) more often, having to become more active and engaged learners over their life times.  Technology, I believe, is making this all possible, but let’s not make it our “Big Brother” to our personal and professional detriment.

Ray Myers


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