Heads-up in Your Car

Keep your eyes on the road and keep your heads up.  In a very short time it looks like you will still have to keep your eyes on the road and on your Heads-up at the same time.  You will soon feel like a jet pilot except you will be driving your car on terra firma.  And instead of seeing puffy white clouds as you glide through the open skies, you will be looking at cars and trucks competing with you for open space on busy highways. 

Now will this all help us improve our driving skills?  I guess the answer is that it should, but I remember failing my first driver’s license test because I could not parallel park.  My excuse at that time was that I was driving a stick shift in the family Ford.  Well I still can’t parallel park very well (maybe not at all when my wife is in the car), but I am sure that my next car will probably help me do that thanks to improved spatial technologies.

I better start learning to use all these improved driving technologies soon before I become a relic of the automotive past.  Just another “heads up” for everyone: Jaguar is working on a “360 Virtual Urban Windscreen.”  While you are driving it will highlight pedestrians, show points of interest and display a “ghost car” that drivers could follow for directions.  I only hope I can keep my eyes on the road, and still sing along with the radio at the same time.  Whew!

Ray Myers


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