Play On, MacDuff

Now I feel so much better since I now know that video games will not eat away at my brain cells, at least what’s left of them.  I just read an interesting article that said doctors could soon be prescribing video games for mental health.  And I used to think that Tetris was a waste of my time and distracted me from some important work I had to do.

These video games may actually help me sharpen my working memory and attention, which will certainly  make my wife happier, I think.  I’ll have to remember to tell her.  In any case I think this is good news all around, and I can improve my mental health in the privacy of my own home (or wherever!).

Some scientists are still skeptical about the effectiveness of these brain games in improving mental health.  But I don’t think that will really stop most people from playing.  Do you?

Ray Myers


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