Woman’s Touch in EdTech

This is not an uncommon phenomenon.  Women often become the intermediaries or “translators” in moving from the theoretical to the practical.  Many also excel at the theoretical, but in a tech world that has become increasingly male dominated, they often play a more critical role in terms of integrating their technological skills to improving learning outcomes.

How’s that for opening a can of worms!  I think that the more critical issue is that we don’t continue to perpetuate stereotypical gender differences in the tech world.  Nor do I believe that appointing female CEOs of technology companies is the key to making everything right with the world.  This is not the answer, and does not really address how opportunities should be increased in both the business and education worlds for girls and women.

Our girls deserve a level playing field in applying all their skills in any field.  Technology may be the latest fast track to success in the evolving economy of the twenty–first century, but let’s ensure that it can benefit from the creative contributions of all its citizens.

Ray Myers


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