Device-free family gatherings – Less Screen Time

Let’s talk about eating.  I know it’s one of my favorite pastimes and I hope it is yours as well.  But it also seems like it is one of the most likely times to be upended with too much technology!  Digital obsessions seem to be creeping into one of those few times during the day when the family is gathered together and truly have the opportunity to talk with one another.  

Learning to live without the technology may be one of the biggest challenges facing parents today as they interact with their children.  While FaceTime and Skype are truly a boon to connecting with family and friends when we are not able to be with them in person, we should become even more appreciative of the times we have to be with them in real time.  We might also be surprised about how much more we can really learn about each other when we are not distracted by our devices.  Could even be fun?

Hope you get to enjoy your family time together over these summer weeks ahead (see P.S. below).

Ray Myers


TechtoExpress will be taking a few weeks vacation, returning on Friday, August 7.   If you missed some of the earlier posts this year, or are just interested in taking a second look, please visit the archives link (begins in March this year).   Any comments or thoughts still welcome during this vacation time.  Enjoy!

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