It’s Greek to Me – Brain Drain in Greece

Unfortunately, it’s not that hard to understand.  As the European Union tries to come to grips with the economic realities of the current fiscal crisis in Greece, many young Greeks have decided to leave their homeland and resettle in more prosperous countries where they can pursue their professional and economic dreams.  For those interested in the promises of work in the technology field, America becomes the destination of choice.  Technology may be the lifeline to their futures, wherever they may eventually call home.

Many younger Greeks feel betrayed by an older generation that over-borrowed and failed to support responsible tax collection policies.  Now Greek families may very well experience the exodus of their more talented youth to foreign shores.  Perhaps this is only inevitable and represents an economic reality that has historically driven many other European immigrants to American shores.  But this is the twenty-first century and we have surely learned from our economic mistakes of the past?

Perhaps this crisis will somehow be averted through the collective efforts of the European nations committed to saving one of their own?  At this time, however, that seems to be the only hope or option that Greece may have.

Ray Myers


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