The Library Connection – Digital with Consequences?

I know I have written about the public library’s future before, but it seems as if the battle lines are more clearly being drawn.  It may not be so much about how you access information but, I believe, what kind of reader or learner you may be.  One county library director in the U.S. sees the libraries of today as being in the “connection” business: connecting you to everything you need.  Very helpful, I’m sure, but this sounds more like a retail approach to library services.  Whatever happened to “browsing?”

Not so much time for that anymore, I guess.  And the availability of going to the library online may be very appealing to all those who like to go shopping online anyway.   Maybe it’s all inevitable.  We can all be connected to only those things we want and/or think we need.  The library seems to be moving to better customer service, thanks to our faster, streamlined digital word.

How about reading or learning about things that take us to a different “place,” or helps us experience something that we have discovered or found on our own!  It may not always be about being connected to only those things we find entertaining?

Ray Myers


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