EdTech Europe: What Works Offline Doesn’t Work Online

This may be an obvious characterization of what many EdTech practitioners already know within their own communities.  But there seem to be some key areas that need to be addressed in order to remedy some of the online practices that are not “living up” to their expectations.  In today’s blog I would just like to enumerate some of them, and invite any comment or feedback that could enhance the conversation.  So in the true spirit of America’s Indepemdence Day, Fourth of July, please take a look.

*  Need for a pedagogical shift in the move towards online learning, rather than simply transferring existing teaching models online.

*  Take an active approach to facilitating peer-to-peer engagement, rather than relying on video lectures alone (human interaction is important; advice to MOOC providers).

*  In-classroom education technologies must suit the needs of not only students but teachers.

At the EdTech Europe conference, Jim Deters (CEO, Galvanize), added that  ” we are now in technology ubiquity.”  So what would you advise?  Any comments, perspectives, advice welcome.  I will follow up on this next week.  Thank you.

Ray Myers


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