Teachers Will Not be Replaced by Robots!

Just a quick note for all of those who might be getting worried that computerization is going too far.  Researchers have calculated the likelihood of various professions being computerized.  Teachers have been rated as one of the top two professions with the lowest probability of being computerized.  The other is physician/surgeon.  Both jobs require a high degree of social intelligence, and for teachers I am confident that much of this could would include the ability to use the right (e.g., tech) tools in “assisting and caring” for their students.  Just like their medical colleagues, they also need a sense of social perceptiveness and an ability to care for others.

This should be very welcome news for all the participants at the International Society for Technology in Education convention in Philadelphia this week (#ISTE2015).  Sounds like things are off to a good start after the opening sessions on Sunday.

All the best for a great convention for the ISTE attendees, and please continue to advance the professional dialogue on the best uses of educational technology in our schools for all students.

Ray Myers


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