Privacy Wars in Europe – In Your Face(book)!

I guess there are technology boundaries after all.  The European Union has announced draft data protection legislation for its twenty-eight member states.  This draft legislation contains thirty-five different rules.  So let’s all get ready for these states to interpret all these different rules differently!  Facebook has already dealt with one of their apps, Moments, being identified as a potential violation of individual’s privacy.  Europeans now have the choice of opting-in to this facial recognition technology.

Perhaps the larger question in terms of regulating the plethora of new apps and technology features that will evolve in the U.S. and made available globally, is how and who will monitor them for their privacy protections?  Can twenty-eight EU member states maintain a united front in their application of new protective legislation.  How will this effect the development of innovative technologies within Europe.  Will they be spending most of their time ensuring that their application meet new (proposed) regulations?

Some will say that the tech business has a corporate responsibility to manage data responsibly.  This all has a familiar ring, “I don’t know what pornography is, but I know it when I see it.”

Ray Myers


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