Tech to Reduce Car Collisions

There are a lot of features on a new car I bought last year that I have yet to use or know how to use? Perhaps my problem is that I do not buy a new car that often. The one before this was in 2001. It does seem that a lot of people do like all the new features and get many of them, e.g., in-car WiFi, back-up cameras, heated steering wheels and seats, etc. Seems like car safety, however, is not one of them.

Unfortunately, most car manufactures do not include life-saving features in the vehicle’s base price. For example, automatic emergency brakes will probably increase a car’s price by about $3,500. Having such crash prevention technology in American cars could reduce rear-end collisions, which account for about half of two-car accidents that kill 1,700 people a year. In a recent poll about a third of prospective car buyers said they would rather wait until the crash prevention technology becomes standard, rather than pay for it as part of a “tech package.”

So it seems that it’s all about the sales “packaging,” and not driver and passenger safety. Another case of “you get what you pay for,” but why should car safety be one of those things?

Ray Myers


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