Scoop! Encyclicals on the Internet

I guess it was only a matter of time.  Gone are the days when the leader of the Roman Catholic Church could prepare a message for worldwide release within the privacy of the Vatican walls.  Now we can thank (or not) the Internet for early access to these Papal declarations on moral priorities for our times.  The controversy over this press release should not be allowed to overshadow the importance of the message itself about environmental degradation.

The “leaking” of important governmental or ecclesiastical documents is not a recent phenomenon, but certainly can be accelerated with the accesibility to online resources.   At the same time, whatever is released before it is declared “final” can lead to many more semantic revisions, but I worry that such editorial discussions becomes the “news” of the day, not the importance of the message itself.

I am content to wait for whatever may finally be released in the days to come.  Perhaps the fact that it  is an important enough issue to be “scooped” on the Internet will help it get the political attention it deserves.

Ray Myers


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