Internet Slang – a New Code

It all started with YouTube and an abbreviated use of English to create a new jargon that only a few million followers would understand. Of course, you can now begin using this new vocabularly on the Internet and become much more popular more rapidly, transcending space and time to become much cooler (not sure what the right term might be now?) much faster. Born too long ago I guess to be part of this new phenomenon? But wait, there is always Twitter!

Now that is something I can usually keep up with as long as the abbreviations and hashtags don’t get too truncated. At the same time the “social media” nature of Twitter Can also be co-opted into a more “commercial media” for those clever enough to use the new Internet slang in its Twitter advertising. Just take a look at some of the tweets you might be getting from MYV, Cap’n Crunch, Pepsi, Taco Bell, just to name a few.

I think that in the advertising world this is called “partnering with brands.” Some older social media users may call this “selling out.”

Ray Myers


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