Viva Fidel! Viva el Internet!

Fidel liberated Cuba over a half century ago. Many young Cubans now believe that their source of economic liberation may lie in the Internet, at least if they are able to improve its speed and connectivity so as to help an emerging private business sector. This may be the hard part. Under the new trade guidelines between Cuba and the U.S., many aspiring Cuban entrepreneurs see their business horizons expanding a s far as the Internet can take them.

But it may not be able to take them as far or as fast enough as they need to compete successfully internationally. There is still a Communications Ministry to contend with, and they allegedly have plans to connect fifty percent of Cubans to broadband by 2020. The anticipated speed, however, would be too slow to stream video or play games online. Somehow, “transitioning” to the age of the Internet may work in the sense of how governments do business, but eager Cuban tech entrepreneurs would like to have more support in building a business sector that may help the Cuban economy improve more rapidly.

Viva la revolucion technologica!

Ray Myers


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