Pardon my French, Parlez-vois le Twitter

Bonjour, mes amis!  Okay, that may be enough French for purposes of this posting.  But it seems as if the new French ambassador to the U.S. likes to tweet!  C’est vrai . . . enough already! While we still may have the overused, overclassified diplomatic cables bouncing across the Atlantic, this ambassador has decided to join the twenty-first century and let his “bon mots” (last time, I promise!) fly into cyber space. His name is Gerard Araud.

Quite a new day in international diplomacy, but I am sure M. Arauc is very much the exception to the rule. Who else would you have expected to lead the way – the Russians? once again the French have started a revolution in the name of individual liberty, just as they did a few centuries ago. N’est-ce pas, sorry.

Speaking of Twitter, I hope everyone reading this will continue, or begin, to follow TechtoExpress on Twitter: @RaymondMyers. Merci, fini!

Ray Myers


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