Yahoo! Free Live Global Football Webcast!

Soon you will be able to watch your favorite pro football team play live on your computer or any other digital device wherever you may be. No more cozy Sunday afternoons with family and friends huddled around the rec room TV. You can have it all in the palm of your hand, if you want it that way?

What’s not to like? Better yet, you can watch one game on your favorite hand-held device and then keep another eye on the TV screen(s) in the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be. No more bothersome conversations about local or national news or, who did what to whom over the past week. I never thought that I might miss those annoying conversational distractions from the business of watching football on live TV, now available on wide-screen digital TV.

Thank you, Yahoo and the Natonal Football League. You have made this all possible, and you will now be able to gauge if there is an audience for watching American football in the rest of the world. You may be able to build an empire like the British once had, where the sun never set (and now, where they have the Internet).

Ray Myers


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