Social Media for Seniors in Times of Need

Many people may feel that the youthful obsession with social media is excluding our seniors who may be increasingly isolated in their own homes or in some restrictive elder care facility. It now seems that social media itself may be the the most viable virtual link for family members and friends to stay in touch. In may in fact repreent the most readily accessible nurturing and caring community path at our seniors ever had.

I am not sure that Facebook foresaw how their social network would so readily become the communication tool of choice for so many elderly citizens. Blogging also seems to be a popular venue for seniors who may prefer a different method of communicating. In any event, some of tyhese social media platforms have also become resounding financial success by taking advertising, or by eventually selling their sites to online businesses with a substantial senior clientele.

This creative use of social media certainly gives new meaning to the old adage of “never too old to learn,” or maybe it should be “learn new tricks!”

Ray Myers


One thought on “Social Media for Seniors in Times of Need

  1. You are Absolutely correct! More and more seniors are embracing social media with the launch of smart phones and tablets. While there are those who who choose to remain out of the technology scene, majority of our baby boomers embrace technology as way of staying connected with their families across the globe. We need to encourage this use by our seniors and continue to develop products that are easy to use and solve a need.!

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