Facebook and the Decline of Partisanship?

So in the new age of social media do we really get opposing views on any one site (e.g., Facebook). This is clearly not a new question since it has been debated since the advent of civilizations reporting on reliable sources of information. Do we really expect objectivity on what is now reported in our modern times since we now have Internet connecting us online from anywhere in the world?

Regardless of what research may prove, I think that the whole question of ensuring objectivity in online reporting, be it Facebook or any other “crowd sourced” internet platform, is in itself a contradiction in terms. What we may actually have now is the 21st Century version of the “vox populi.” To expect that somehow we can now feel comfortable with a self- regulating objectivity is patently delusional. The Internet may be many things, but it does not ensure a balanced unbiased world view.

We now seem to mistakenly believe that our ability to connect with anyone at anytime will lead us to a new Age of Enlightenment. I think that this is what they also may have thought about the printing press!

Ray Myers


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