We Know Where You Are!

Well I know we all love our cell phones and the convenience of having them by our side whenever we need them or wherever we may be. FYI, when using these devices you may also be sharing your whereabouts with a lot of other people you may not want to have this information.

Thanks to a recent U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling, federal investigators do not have to obtain a search warrant to obtain cell phone records stored by a “third party” telephone company. The reach of this ruling has many legal scholars concerned with how this interpretation could be applied to the world of online business and social media that store data as a “third party” to such transactions. Your Facebook posts, Amazon searches, Internet search history, perhaps even the documents and pictures you store in the cloud could be obtained without a search warrant in the future.

There will surely be much more litigation with subsequent appeals and perhaps eventually reaching the Supreme Court for some final determination. In the meantime, just be advised that some other “third party” may be watching?

Ray Myers

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