Social Media and Wall Street

Maybe Wall Street just expected too much from social media. Initially very eager to invest in some of the Internet darlings, e.g., Twitter, LinkedIN, Yelp, they are not seeing the positive financial returns they eagerly expected.

I am really not sure what all of this may mean for the future of social media, but investors who are looking for a return on their stock portfolios will assuredly be looking elsewhere. I don’t believe this will have an immediate impact on the usage and attraction of social media for current and future generations of the Internet Age.

Perhaps in the longer run we will find a return to more face-to-face interactions, but in the meantime we always have FaceTime and Facebook!

Ray Myers


One thought on “Social Media and Wall Street

  1. I’d say – yes, there’s a bubble – but no, the bubble isn’t quite over. the companies in question still have astronomical valuations, and somebody – investors – think many are worth multiple billions. I think we all need to fear another tech crash – and be prepared for it. but I’d also like to think that maybe some of the tech companies will probe their worth.

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