Doppelgängers Meet the Internet

Pardon my German, but to some of us (maybe many of us) the chances of finding the one other person or persons on the planet who look like you have been greatly enhanced thanks to the Internet. Funny, but I never really thought too much about finding that person(s).

Maybe it was because I had three younger brothers who really didn’t look too much like me, or at least I didn’t think so. Of course without the Internet in those prehistoric days, I was probably more concerned with how I could make myself look more like the teen male idols of that generation. If you were around in the late fifties and through the sixties you know who I mean. Many of them were British, and if you lived on the other side of the Atlantic, were male, and let your hair grow (and played a little guitar), you could look more like them, and hopefully make a more favorable impression with the young ladies. And to many at that time, appearances were very important in terms of “connecting” with the contemporary youth culture. We also became more informed and concerned about social, political, and military developments around the world with the click of a TV or radio dial.

So now the young doppelgängers of today are “connecting” in a more global way thanks to the Internet. They share a keen interest in finding look-a-likes around the world. Who knows what’s next? Maybe it’s not too late to find my doppelgängers wherever they may be, but let me think about that.

Ray Myers


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