Big message – Tweet away!

“The media is the message.” Thank you, Marshall McLuhan. But I often wonder if the message is now being further defined by what is the quickest and shortest way to express what your message may be? Have our means of expression or comprehension become so limited that we’ve come to believe that less is more? Let’s consider the media of Twitter and the role it is playing in world affairs and American politics.

So after John Kerry and company had completed the arduous task of negotiating an arms agreement with Iran, the Ayatollah tweeted that not all the inspections would occur as agreed. I guess after all, he may have the final say, but here is the head man lowering the hammer through Twitter. Why not, all you need is the Internet and a Twitter account. No more nasty confrontations or face-to-face negotiations. Now in Hillary’s case, Twitter seems to represent a much kinder and gentler approach in her messaging than that of the pstrategy of 2008. Looks like she is going to use a more inclusive, collaborative approach described as joining her on a journey. I am sure this will include a very strategic use of social media.

Once again, technology is the tool, and the way it is used may still be much more a reflection of cultural preferences and amount of connectivity. For example, I don’t think that the Ayatollah is asking us to join him on a journey?

Ray Myers


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