Baseball and Tech

I know that the major league’s opening day is just a few days away, and I am looking forward to enjoying “America’s” past time, but please, let’s make it more low tech. I went to a spring training game in Florida last month and I certainly enjoyed it, even more than any regular season game I have attended in the past few years.  Why?

Perhaps the biggest reason, aside from a clear blue sky that day, and a hot dog and a beer, was the absence of the electronic entertainment that one must endure throughout the course of a regular season game.  Maybe the thing I miss the most is just being able to talk to friends and family who may be with you, or even with neighboring fans in the stands. Perhaps this is just nostalgia on my part, but I do think that sometimes “less is more.”

So professional baseball will surely never be the same, and I know tech also enables us to crunch numbers of players and teams’  statistical performance and predict winners, etc., but that’s not really why I like to go to ball games.  Maybe it was about routing for the home team, however good or bad they might be – too provincial for today?

Ray Myers


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