Sex and Tech

I thought this title might get your attention, and I am going to talk about sex and tech, but more in the context of current events and personal observations. It looks like the bastions of male dominance in Silicon Valley may have received some sexual sensitivity training over the past week.  Oh, I know that Ellen Pao lost her case against Kleiner Perkins this past week, but it also seems that many more women are now pursuing similar cases against some of their tech employers.

These cases will not fit into the category of a sexual revolution I am sure, but may hopefully open many more doors for bright young women who can make their mark in this field.  In the area of social media, I think you will find that young girls and women represent both the early adopters and most consistent users of this technology-enabled means of communication.  In our formal educational systems, I am not quite so sure, particularly as it relates to opportunies for young girls and women to excel in the formal STEM fields: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  To my mind, there may be more social barriers and sexual stereotypes that girls (and boys) will have to overcome in the school setting.  This may very well include the biases held by their parents, teachers, extended family and school community in some cases.

Hope everyone enjoys the beginning of spring, and any time they may have to be with family and friends during this season of renewal.

Ray Myers


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