Technology, Testing and Data

Remember the good old days when you were taking a test at your desk and carefully shielded your answers from your neighbors’ roaming eyes, or maybe you were one of the roamers?  My, how the world has changed or has it?

Even with the advent of Common Core testing and increased online testing in general, today’s students still face many of the challenges that their parents and grandparents confronted, including – how do I get the right answers if I really didn’t study for the test?  Now we have entered into a more complex pursuit of “fair” testing with parents concerned over the protection of the privacy rights of their children.  Social media has provided a platform for the world’s population to share anything on their minds or pass on any information or disinformation they chose.  Answers to test questions shared by students through online tools such as Twitter and Facebook, may fall into this later category.

I don’t think that educational technology advocates envisioned this answer sharing as one of the “benefits” that technology would bring to teaching and learning.  Many parents are also concerned over how much data is collected on their children and how it is shared with other public and private entities.  One is all about getting the right answer, and the other about ensuring the privacy rights of children.

Ray Myers


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