The Tech Triangle

For the past ten days, I have been “triangulating ” using technology to communicate from Florida with family across the Atlantic in Paris and then onto family in Maine.  This is not an everyday occurrence for us, but during this time we all happen to be in different places.  This is all made possible with readily available online tools such as Instagram, FaceTime, and good old email.  I am not exactly sure I know what triangulation means, but I think it has a certain alliterative ring in writing this blog.

I am just very grateful and continuously amazed that these connections all work with many more likely to come (at least for us with the connectivity in certain parts of the world).  As a grandparent I also marvel at how our grandchildren also know that these tools can put them in touch with the older generation when and if they want.  Please don’t be confused, there is nothing that will replace real face time, and I think we all have a responsibility to monitor the content and use of technology by our children.

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, if you like, please feel free to substitute the shamrock as a paradigm for the triangulation discussed above.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Ray Myers


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