Tech Lessons from the Deep

We all hope that technology will make the world a better place.  At least I hope so, but sometimes I read that other mammals inhabiting this earth may be a little ahead in this game.  They may not have the latest technology or fastest internet access but they have innate instincts that are far superior to anything that human technology can do for them.  Consider the elder female killer whales.  With their extensive knowledge of their environment they can lead younger whales to food in times of scarcity (NY Times, 3/10/15).

They outlive their male counterparts by ten to thirty years, in some cases surviving to the age of ninety.   They in effect become the leaders in ensuring survival for their progeny.  Young males compete with each other for mating opportunities leading to higher mortality rates than their female counterparts.  Fortunately they have their whale matriarchs to help them through times of food supply scarcity.  These ladies had GPS (Global Positioning Systems) long before we even thought of it.

Now I know we are a different species of mammal inheriting this earth, but I think that there are some analogies that can be drawn here.  Women, on average, do outlive men, and their use of technology is different in how they might use it to stay connected and share information, etc., but I think I better stop THERE!

Ray Myers

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