Tech on the Fly

I used to be bored at airports, but now waiting time can be transformed into “catch up” with work and/or family or just shopping online.  And now thanks to technology, every plane seems to be full, flight prices vary depending on when you booked your flight and/or how you were able to shop online for the best price.  So what do you think about your flying experience in the twenty-first century?

Things surely changed after 9/11 when increased security screening was added, but in the beginning I think it was a very random process depending on where you were flying from.  When I first flew on government travel after the attack, I was “selected” for additional screening even though I had shown them my federal ID and boarding pass.  They were very young screeners and I think I represented the path of least resistance.

So now we know that we have streamlined the airport screening process and apparently increased efficiency in clearing and knowing who is boarding our airplaness but have we lost something in the process.  Flying has become a busier process, and to some extent we are expected to make the most of our time in waiting out delays and generally getting the most of any down time we have because technology enables us to always stay connected.  Oh, and please don’t expect any better service or friendlier skies, since we must now focus on safety, security, and  profitability to the exclusion of all else because technology makes it so?








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